Donna Jackson Recognized

Monroe Mayor Friday Ellis recognized Donna Jackson for her years of service for citizens of Monroe & Northeast Louisiana whose lives were affected by cancer.

"Now, Therefore, I, Friday Ellis, Mayor of Monroe, Louisiana, on behalf of the Monroe City Council, and citizens of Monroe, express our sincere gratitude to Donna Jackson for her unwavering dedication and service to Louisiana Cancer Foundation, to the citizens of Monroe, Louisiana, and to our neighboring communities in Northeast Louisiana. In recognition of her outstanding service, unwavering commitment, and compassionate leadership in improving the lives of citizens affected by cancer, I take this opportunity to proudly congratulate donna on this momentous retirement occasion, and hereby proclaim today, April 30th as "Donna Jackson Day""

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Pictured left to right: Monroe Mayor, Friday Ellis | Director of Operations LA Cancer Foundation, Susie Runkle |  Immediate Past Assistant Director LA Cancer Foundation, Donna Jackson | Executive Director LA Cancer Foundation, James Adams

Monroe, Louisiana

411 Calypso Street
Ph: (318) 966-1900

West Monroe, Louisiana

503 McMillan Road
Ph: (318) 329-4800

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