RapidArc Radiotherapy

Pioneering advanced cancer care, the Northeast Louisiana Cancer Institute stands as one of the first treatment centers in the state to provide cutting-edge RapidArc Technology, enhancing precision and efficiency in cancer treatment for their patients.

RAPIDARC Radiotherapy Technology is an innovative system that represents the latest evolution of cancer treatment technology, setting new benchmarks for speed, precision and patient comfort.

RapidArc uses a unique algorithm that provides unprecedented treatment delivery control. As a result, treatment plans can be developed that excel in covering target goals while sparing critical structures.

RapidArc is also efficient with treatment being performed faster than ever. Its single gantry rotation speeds treatment delivery so clinicians can develop treatments that take one-half to one-eighth the time of conventional IMRT treatments - just two to three minutes in many cases. A RapidArc treatment may also result in less radiation leakage and scatter, so peripheral tissues receive a lower overall dose.

Monroe, Louisiana

411 Calypso Street
Ph: (318) 966-1900

West Monroe, Louisiana

503 McMillan Road
Ph: (318) 329-4800

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